Upcycle With Washi Tape

Washi Tape is my new favourite addition to my BuJo Stash.  Those who know me can attest to the fact that I am not very creative... Lots of amazing ideas but they never really seem to turn out just how I want them too.


So for this exact reason I always look for crafts, activities or artsy things that are simple and don't really require me to be too creative or fancy - so here comes today's blog... Simple, quick but oh so effective.  A perfect gift for my daughter friends for upcoming birthdays and also makes a really nifty pen holder for my desk.


Here is is step by step..

1. Grab any tins you have from any meal prep or baking.  Make sure they are properly cleaned, labels removed and no sharp edges.

2.  Paint the outside of the cans with any paint you have lying around.  I used acrylic because that's what was handy but the idea is just to give a base coat for the Washi Tape to stick to and to have a neutral colour that shows through if your tape is slightly transparent.  You can also paint the inside of the time if you like. This will also prevent rusting.

3. Leave it to dry for a day or two if necessary and when it is properly dry you are ready to go.

Washi Tape to cover Tins

4.  Choose your favourite rolls of washi tape and starting at the top it bottom of the tin, wrap it around until it meets up again.  Cut it off carefully and then start the next row allowing it to overlap slightly.

5.  Continue this till you reach the end and the entire tin is covered.  

6.  I then finished the top and bottom off with a very thing complementary washi tape just to make sure the ends are not exposed.  You can also start your tape right on the edge if you want to.

7.  When you are done you can finish it off with 1 to 2 coats of Modge Podge to make sure it is sealed properly.


Voila... You have the finished project.

Washi Tape Covered Tins

Give this a go and send us your pics so we can see how yours turned out.





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